A side return extension encloses this space and typically creates

This example shows an extension to a house that has been built with a different roof form and is finished in a different colour. Getting planning approval for the extension was nonetheless tricky, as the house is in a conservation area. A side return extension is a faster, cheaper, and less disruptive option. A side return extension https://sigmaconstruction.uk/kitchen-extension.html encloses this space and typically creates a new party wall along the boundary with the neighbouring house. One way in which the contemporary approach to a side-return extension can really enhance the internal spaces is by creating a minimal barrier between outside. ‘What we try to do is make it so that when you walk into a house where we’ve done a side return you won’t actually recognise it as a side return. The new volume is often joined as one by inserting steel beams, allowing removal of the original side wall. Extending into the side return of your home is an excellent way to increase the size of your kitchen, create a dining space or playroom. The side return area of a home has become one of the most maligned features of Victorian and Edwardian properties. Roof heights on the shared boundary wall are frequently limited for side return extensions. Most traditional terrace houses have a front and rear main room and then what is known as an ‘out-rigger’ at the rear, often containing the kitchen, with space down the side. That alleyway to the side of the home, once presumably there to provide easy access to the ‘outhouse’, is today more often than not an area of ugly, redundant space. Note the matching brickwork detailing and the way the extension is both set back and lower than the main part of the house. Rear Extension - these run across the back of the existing ground floor house and add valuable kitchen dining or entertaining space. Side return extensions are a popular way of increasing the size of Victorian and Edwardian houses in London. Side Return Extension - these usually impact on natural light into the middle room within the property, and need more careful consideration. ‘Now families often want extension ideas with a large and flexible kitchen/dining/living space that can be the hub of family homes, ideally with a strong visual and physical connection to the garden. Even so, the extension does not look out of keeping in style from the main part of the house because it is complementary without actually matching. Before the two-storey side extension was added, there was a big gap between this house and the next. Side returns are usually shaded by the next-door property, so Hosea says it’s important to bring in as much natural light as possible.

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